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10 Tips to Hire a Cybersecurity Professional

by Shivani Muthyala

November 1, 2021

Cybersecurity is a vital part of any organization, and so hiring a new and right talent becomes even more crucial for protecting your digital space and ensuring the company’s data and information is safe. With increasing cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes day by day, cybersecurity professionals play a great role in this data-driven society. But most organizations find it a little difficult in hiring new talent. Here are some of the quick cybersecurity hiring tips to hire a cybersecurity professional.

How to hire a cybersecurity professional?


1 Review key skills

Most hiring managers take into account the certificates and credentials but they often don’t consider the skills which are even more important. So considering an applicant’s certificates does not mean they are the best fit for the job. It is necessary to have the right skills too. Since cybersecurity is a major field, you need to look for a professional who is skilled with practical knowledge. He/she must be aware of the current trends, developments, ability to take risks, and intrusions.


2 Be adaptable

The cybersecurity professional should be in a position to be flexible to avoid missing out on any valuable talent. Instead of choosing a professional with a Master’s or Degree in Computer Science, hiring managers can also consider the technical knowledge even if they do not have a degree in hand. As some of the individuals choose to learn the skills by themselves instead of selecting based on the traditional way of earning certificates. You can also offer internal training for newly hired and who are enthusiastic about the job.


3 Out service

If your organization doesn’t have a budget for an in-house cybersecurity team, you can outsource the service to third-party service providers. You can outsource the cybersecurity services that can give you access to unbiased opinions on your systems. This way you can also get access to the best skills and expertise within a short time. These may also include services like security strategy and architecture. The cybersecurity services you can outsource include such as security operations, vulnerability management like training and monitoring the employees. These cyber hiring tips can help cut down the costs too.


4 Upskill in-house staff

External recruitment for a profession as competitive as that of cybersecurity can be quite challenging. So instead of sourcing a new staff from outside, the easy and best way is to up-skill your existing staff by equipping them with relevant skills for the available job roles. This can also help in simplifying the recruitment process by also motivating your employees by giving them opportunities for career growth that can also improve your chances of employee retention through professional upskilling.


5 Offer good pay scales

One of the best and effective ways to attract the top cybersecurity talent is through raising their pay scales that can help in retaining them in all ways. As there is a lot of shortage of professionals the easy way to retain them is through offering them higher pay. In the case of small companies, paying high may be feasible so offering attractive benefits and a happy working environment can add great value.


6 Not mandatory niche skills

People often tend to think that cybersecurity is a complex job and also requires niche skills but the only skill needed for these professionals is to know all interactions between humans and technology.


7 Be clear in whom you want to hire

Before hiring cyber experts, the managers need to be clear in knowing what exactly they need before hiring the talent. Unlike software roles, cybersecurity professionals do not have any description nor title so be clear in what you need.


8 Embrace diversity

If you do not have a diverse team, there is very little chance that you will reach your potential. If everyone comes from the same background, has taken the same career path, has the same lived experiences, and innovative ideas will never surface. Talk to your HR team and come up with a new recruitment strategy that can diversify your team to become inclusive.


9 Identify your weak points

Formulating your weaknesses and strengths can give you clarity on what you need the most before hiring. If the organization is lacking behind in anything, you can find that in the upcoming recruitment that can add and benefit the organization.


10 Use certifications to give a candidate context

Certifications can tell you about what the candidate has learned and what they have taken time to invest in. That has a great value to go through the certifications and there are times when certification is not as valuable as that of the candidate’s experience; they just act to test his or her skills and knowledge.

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