Videos 20190728 The OSINT Curious Webcast

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20190728 The OSINT Curious Webcast

Show notes at

People in this episode:

– Ginsberg5150
– DutchOSINTGuy
– Technisette (Voice only)
– Sector035 (Voice only)
– And our special guest: Osintessentials a.k.a Eoghan Sweeney

Links to things we discussed:
– We have a new Patreon
– We have applied to be a part of sxsw! Please visit and vote for us to do a live webcast recording at SXSW 2020!
– Lorand’s Article
– S0mdev made a great bitcoin visualisation tool
– osint resources
– great article and step by step OSINT research article about a hacker group targeting German industry
– More tools added to among it a new CSE by Francesco Poldi
– Instagram Explorer helps explore Instagram pages
– instagram tool
– Shoutout to the Bellingcat podcast

Self Promotion:
– Dutch_osintguy will be speaking both days at 30-31 Oct 2019
– Ginsberg5150 will be speaking at Hacker Halted 10-11 Oct 2019
– Sector035 will be holding a workshop on ADS-B at and will be part of the live Quiztime crew at

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