Videos 20190922 OSINTCurious Webcast

Published on September 26th, 2019 📆 | 6687 Views ⚑


20190922 OSINTCurious Webcast

20190922 OSINTCurious Webcast

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People in this Episode

Links to things we discussed:
Tetris Challenge gives insight in governmental gear
Airbnb – Reverse OSINT with Your Public Information
Youtube tests user profile cards that show users comment history
Blog on OSINT and phycology and bias
Twitter thread with step by step OSINT methodology on identifying a location with detained protesters in Xinjiang

Live demo Dutch_OsintGuy & Micah
Live demo shows how one can use Mindmapping software to keep track of your investigative steps and thoughts. Second part of the live demo shows how you can grab data with Instant Datascraper and visualize this data with Maltego Casefile.

Live demo shows this software:
Xmind mindmapping
Instant Datascraper
Maltego Casefile

Self Promotion:
Micah – SANS SEC487 trainings all over the world
Dutch_OsintGuy – conference 30 & 31 Oct

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