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    Do hackers do it for a living? Are there any honest hackers for hire or is it just a big scam?

    Is it legal to be paid for hacking, within certain limits?

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    most hackers for higher you see on any social media platforms like reddit or facebook or discord are scams. there are actual pentesting companies though.

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    Yes and no, there are hackers who get hired by companies to hack them, to find the vulnerabilities, and subsequently tell the company about the vulnerabilities, such that they can patch them up. These are called White Hat Hackers or Penetration Testers, and are perfectly legal.

    Hacking isn’t illegal as long as you have permission from the owner of whatever you are hacking. If I hand you my laptop and ask you to hack into it, then it’s perfectly legal.

    If someone asks you to hack into someone else’s system both you and the person who asked you to is doing something illegal.

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    Pentesters are available for hire. But you can find people for almost anything depending on where you look.

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    It’s called penetration testing and companies will pay you to audit their systems. Look up the team that managed Kali Linux. They will do hands on audits for companies that actually involves compromising systems to gain admin access. Then there’s also the security researchers who try to hack products for bounties because a lot of major companies will pay you if you find a big bug in their systems.

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    well ransomware as a service gangs are hireable by design if you wanna count that

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if there are hackers out there willing to do less then ethical things for hire. Although I would guess they live in non western democracies with little chance of extradition. Their quality probably varies a lot too and how you’d find one that isn’t a scam would also be a huge problem.

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    Yeah it is and paying for like simcard swaps and as far as that goes.. but rarely

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    No they dont appear to be. Tried many times, all are scammers.

    Pentest experts are incapable of actually hacking so dont waste your time.

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    Called whitehat

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    Yes but they dont hack other people for you, they hack you if you oay them to. So companies employ hacker that are constantly checken their systems to find any vulnerabilities.

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    U can look in the tor markets and find someone

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    “Contractual Cybersecurity Professional”

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