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    I know that there are no federal laws against port scanning in the US but what abt in other countries, like whats the general notion? Also what are some ways port scans can be exploited?

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    In this country (EU member) there is no law that prohibits port scanning directly.

    But court rulings include:

    – numerous people were legally fired due to port scans
    – previous scans lead to house raids
    – some people were sentenced with no evidence other then running port scans

    That said, all these rulings were based on aggresive port scans (a simple `nmap -sn` wasn’t sentenced yet, generally some `–script` were involved).

    So, here it’s tricky. I wouldn’t suggest to run decent scans against random targets without caution.

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    You don’t “exploit port scans”, you exploit services running on open ports.

    Generally you can use shodan or censys to scan a host and have zero risk of the device owner finding out. If you’ve got a device on the public internet, it can and will be scanned. That’s why NAT and Firewalls exist.

    Just don’t do any active probing of devices you’re not authorized to and you’ll be fine.

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    France considers it as “trying all the keys to open a door you’re not authorized to open”, so you’ll be prosecuted for that.

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