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    I find that the only thing that I can do with IPs are looking them up and using the online locator but those are incredibly inaccurate so I’ve been wondering if they really can be used for anything (idk if this sounds stupid but i just got into this and I’m curious)

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    Yes and no,
    Yes in the sense that you need the ip of a system in order to reach it.

    no in the sense that it doesn’t aid you in any other way. It’s all about the open ports and the server listening behind that port.

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    Say I wanted to break into Fort Knox or some other super well guarded building. I need to know its address (it’s IP) but after I know that I have to actually figure out how to break into it.

    Same with computers. You need to know how to reach them but if that’s all you know, not much is going to happen.

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    I mean knowing the IP is like step 1, right? At least part of step 1. Then hunt up the IP on something like [Shodan.io](https://Shodan.io), or your port scanner of choice…see if it’s got anything exposed, you might learn more about what’s behind the IP. You might find a port that is exploitable.

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    They are an address to someone pc or server, you figure out what toso yourself

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