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    Backstory: My SIL helped set up and take pictures for a friend’s wedding. Afterwards the friend decided to be an absolute asshole, didn’t pay her/feed her, slandered her within their shared community, and is just continuing to be horrible, while still demanding the photos.

    The plan: The pictures will be on an SD card, I want to booby trap the card to be a nusiance. Like make pop ups whenever it’s plugged in, or slowly corrupt itself over time. Nothing damaging or illegal to their computer just a little petty payback.

    What do I need to do to the card to achieve this? I assume change the firmware to act like a HID and autorun a script. How would I do that?

    Edit: SIL decided not to go through with it. This idea has been scrapped, but I’m intrigued to see what is possible.

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    No pay no photos.

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    Also not on topic for this sub – I am an intellectual property lawyer, but NOT your lawyer or your SIL’s lawyer. This is NOT legal advice, just some information about the law.

    In the U.S., unless you have a *preexisting* written contract that assigns ownership of the copyrights, photographs taken by an independent photographer (as opposed to an employee taking the photos in the ordinary course of their employment as part of their job duties) are automatically copyrighted as soon as the image is saved (“fixed in a medium” in the parlance of the Copyright Act) AND the copyright is owned by the photographer.

    That means the photographer has control over the ability to make any kind of copy (including prints for a wedding album, for example), publication, distribution, and the other rights covered by the Copyright Act. NOTE: This does not automatically mean you can publish photos of people without their permission. There is an overlap between copyright law and rights of privacy/publicity.

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    Lesson to learn: have a written contract no matter who you are dealing with, if you expect to get paid.

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    Lol, this isn’t what this sub is for. But the best thing to do would probably just make all the photos low enough quality to where you can make out what’s in them but it would look shitty to put anywhere. Then put a txt. Doc that says “READ ME” and put some text in there saying “if you want the high quality versions of your photos please pay me. Other wise your photos will be deleted in X days. Thank you” and store them on a separate drive of course.

    Much easier, and for someone with what I’m guessing is limited computer knowledge, probably safer. You can’t just be copying and pasting scripts off the internet with out at least skimming through it real quick to make sure it’s not ultra malicious.

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    If they are in a Win environment, there ARE ways to make a disk automotive. Note, however that the SD will not be readable on an Apple system.

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