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    Have any experienced hackers experienced any drawbacks from having the power to look at someone’s personal life, hack emails, hack credit cards, etc.

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    To busy burning out over my to do list

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    Just like everything in life. Moderate amount is healthy. Severe obsession is not

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    Your getting a lot of joke answers here so I’ll give you something to think about.

    I work in cyber security for a huge company and I often see customer credit card numbers and employees personal data.

    1. I make enough money in cyber security that stealing cc’s is not worth the risk of losing my job. Any particularly good hacker could make money legitimately.

    2. Peoples private data isn’t even remotely interesting. You might think you’d see some juicy things but honestly it’s the most mundane things you could imagine.

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    >having the power to look at someone’s personal life, hack emails, hack credit cards, etc.

    First you don’t have that “power”. I highly doubt that you can truly do that.

    Secondly if you are soo good don’t brag about it and people shouldn’t fear you.

    Use your knowledge to help people protect themselves from people like yourself instead of bragging about it and making everyone fear that you will hack their emails, credit card and Minecraft account.

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    Ever since I have acquired these powers, my life has been a constant battle. Everywhere I go, I constantly feel the cold gaze of unfriendliness on my back… I even sleep with my chef’s knife under my pillow.

    I made the mistake of telling a very very powerful CEO that I accessed his emails with his password, which I found on a sticky note on his secretary’s desk. He then hired me for a full pentest of his fintech company (external, internal, physical, social eng., 16 web apps, etc.).

    Because of my report, his company lost their license to process credit cards, even though the board and the CEO begged me to change the severity of some findings; theu even tried to bribe me with 200K.

    I thought my integrity, ethics and the nobleness of what we do in this field, were more important values than money. Boy, was I mistaken. They told me they would make my life a living hell, and they sure did..

    Now I’m broke and living off my uncle’s garage

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    It shouldn’t ruin your life, as long as you don’t get arrested.

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    Not really. It’s fun figuring out how to

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    As long as you don’t get arrested it doesn’t

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    Definitely having to explain certain techie things that I would consider hacking to non techie people has ruined a few relationships for me. I just come off as an asshole, I guess.

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    I wear the one ring of power. It weighs heavy on my soul. I feel thin and stretched. It has given me unnatural long life. When I wear the ring of power I become invisible to everyone around me, but to the great eye, I’m naked.

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