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    I feel like someone is trying to hack me, long story, but is there a way to get hacked, when you reply to a mail? Not opening links, files or anything – simple the act of replying to a mail via a normal program like thunderbird.
    If not hacked in that way, what information can someone get by an email reply, could they get location or IP ?

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    The other thing is that by replying you are confirming that your address exists and is being read by a human. That alone can be profitable for the attacker e.g. by selling your address to spammers who will now gladly send you all their Viagra offerings, “you’ve won at a car lottery”, “you won at our Casino!” mails and what not. Because that’s how they make money: They get paid by their advertisement partners by the volume of mail they have successfully sent to human victims.

    Therefore: never ever reply to questionable mails.

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    1×1 pixel in the email, that sends you to malicious code. It’s not hard

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    You should be able to inspect the email header and do a look up on the ip

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    I’m not aware of any current exploits that infect victims just by viewing/replying to an email.

    Using email as an attack vector requires user interaction, whether that be a click or a response to a social engineering attempt. I believe there have been a handful of exceptions to this rule (EDIT: I may be thinking of some recent SMS text zero days), though I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

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