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    So basically I’m very fascinated with the world of modding and hacking. I’ve been wanting to get hacks for Warzone already got them on my pc. Is there a way to get hacks for Warzone on ps4. I have money and am willing to spend it. Just really want Aimbot

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    It’s one thing to use modding and hacking for single player games, but this is a whole other thing. You are ruining the game for other players and are trying to do something that you might think is fascinating but it makes you a horrible person who shouldn’t have these tools.

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    do It yourself

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    Get cancer

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    I think the answer here is its not worth it… im assuming ps4 uses a proprietary “OS” and building anything on it wouldn’t be feasible.

    If ‘you have money’ you’re better off buying a pc and going from there

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    Why do you get a game, just to not play it? Do you earn money for cheating and ruining games?

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    You’re better off sticking to hacking on PC.

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