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    I woke up a few hours to a text on my phone that says If I don’t send money to someone then they will leak a few private pictures that I have. Does anyone know what I can do or how to find whoever is sending those texts??

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    How sure are you? Threatening to leak private pictures is one of the more popular internet scams.

    Even if the person is for real, why would you trust them? By even making the threat they have shown their willingness to screw you over. Why would they hesitate to keep going after you pay them?

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    Just ignore it

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    Id be more worried about the device or account they compromised to get them. Immediately change your passwords and secure all accounts with 2fa and logout all sessions. First thing tho is to Format your devices, all of them. Itd be helpful if you gave the whole story about what occured

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    do you have any private pictures at risk tho?

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    Say fuck you to them and go about youre day. Likely they don’t even have any picture.

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    You Likely won’t be able to track it. What do they have to gain by sending your pics? Nothing. Tell them to fuck off. Everyone has dick pics on their phone.

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