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    So im not gonna lie, im a mischievous kid. So in a year im going to be going to college, and im guessing that vpns and their usage will be banned. Now i dont know how logging onto the wifi works, but im guessing its not like a normal wifi logon and each person’s traffic can be individually monitored.

    So here is what I was thinking: I have two laptops that run windows 10. One however, is a burner laptop. the other, i do work on and it a powerful laptop. I was thinking that i can connect to the wifi on the burner laptop, and then setup a hotspot on that burner laptop, and then connect to that on my work laptop and use a vpn on the work laptop. Would they be able to see the vpn even through the hotspot?

    I do not know too much about networking but it seems like it would be really difficult to catch without a wifi sniffer, am I right?

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    You’re not wrong, chaining devices via an ad-hoc network is a good way to hide the device you’re using.

    However the burner would just act as an intermediary and the traffic that connects to the VPN would still be detectable.

    So… Yes and no.

    If they came to interrogate you saying “were you using a VPN on a device with MAC xx:xx etc etc”, then you could show them your work laptop with a different MAC to prove your innocence.

    But if you don’t want them to detect you’re using a VPN at all you will need to find some way to hide the traffic between: their router > the VPN endpoint.

    If you’re using a network that someone else controls then there’s a good chance they can track where you’re connecting to (unless you use something like DNS over HTTPS).

    Edit: also to add it’s quite possible for them to make you authenticate in order to use the wifi (similar to a captive portal) or use device whitelisting, which would be much harder to get around.

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    Why would vpns be banned?

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