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    I made a password protected zip file with some sensitive documents and I thought I knew it, but I think I added some characters at the end but forgot about those. The password is long, something like, “Penguins have poor taste,” and then there’s a special character, maybe a space, and four or five numbers.

    I’ve tried a couple of the commercial products, Passper and PassFab, but their max characters were too short. I was wondering if there was an easy to use product that would fit my needs or if there wasn’t, was there a guide for beginners for one of the more complicated methods.

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    Try hashcat maybe https://hashcat.net/hashcat/
    Another method which you don’t need a password for: https://blog.devolutions.net/2020/08/why-you-should-never-use-zipcrypto

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    first you need to build your own personalized wordlist containing all the parameters that you want, this would be the right way of cracking it, there are many scrips/tools to achieve that specially on kali linux

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    Try fcrackzip… no wordlist necessary and will yield the results you want. Stand up a virtual Linux instance and get it going. Shouldn’t take long.

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    Try hydra, you can generate the password lists with it and try them

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