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    As I continue to learn more about hacker culture and methodology, and build my own skills to be a better hacker, what fascinates me is the hacker’s ability to problem solve and come up with creative ways to bypass systems and technologies.

    I can read books and practice web exploitation and other such security topics, but how do I develop the ability to see problems in a new light? Even though I’ve been practicing for a few months, I often get stuck on problems and sometimes use solutions/walkthroughs for guidance, and more often than not I think to myself, “Oh, why didn’t *I* think of that–it seemed so obvious!” Or worse: I *should’ve* known that, but for whatever reason didn’t make the connection. I feel like this is fundamental to being a successful hacker; I don’t want to be a script kiddie, but actually be able to understand and manipulate the internals of whatever I’m tinkering with.

    What do your methodologies look like when tackling new problems? How do you practice making connections so that you’re able to tackle new problems in inventive and efficient ways?

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    So a lot of time I realize I work backwards. Start at the solution/goal and answer each step from there. How do I accomplish that final step? Usually I start with the simplest answer (Occams razor) and work my way out from there.

    Another thing to remember is that the world isn’t black or white, yes or no, there are plenty of gray areas, plenty of maybes that work too. Not everything is ideal. I see so many people that seem to think that they world really is like that. If you ever have an issue that looks like it is A or B, ask yourself if it really is that? Or is it just those are the best and worst case scenarios?

    Test the methods when you can. If it’s safe to do and you are able to. Not every answer that works is something you should do.

    As an example, I need to get through a door and into a room, how do you do that? You open the door and walk through. How do you open the door? Turn the knob and see if it opens. Maybe knock and someone opens it. Maybe you open the lock. How do you open the lock? Do you have the key? No. Do you have picks and know how to use them? Use them. Don’t have or don’t know how? Can you take the hinges off? Are you able/allowed to smash the door?

    Unable to do that? Maybe there is a window that you can open/smash and go through? Perhaps you know someone else that can open the door through one of these methods for you.

    Hopefully this helps you out.

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    Sometimes you have to cuss. I vocalize my thought process sometimes. It helps me work out the details. Not very pleasant though lol

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