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    I had a quick question regarding debit card numbers. I ordered a new card (through coinbase) and within a day found that someone already had tried to run transactions on the card. This is even before I’ve used the card myself, even before I read the numbers. This confuses me a great deal. What are the implications?
    Edit: the card is already locked by me

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    Someone may have a rat on ur pc. They are able to get ur account info and system files etc. Not sure if they have a rat tho

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    Here’s good advice. Don’t use a debit card.

    Debit card scenario: someone stole all my money. Now I have to go work to get it back, and it’s unavailable to me until I get it settled.

    Credit card scenario: someone stole all my money. Oh shit I have to make 2 call to dispute it, I don’t have to pay the bill until it’s resolved, and the credit card company is responsible for investigating that shit.

    I keep a debit card for emergencies only. If it gets used more than once a year I’d be surprised. Use credit cards but don’t carry a balance. IMHO.

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    What is your number and password? We can keep a look out for your card for you.

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