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    So I just picked up a new wifi directional antenna specifically the Yagi long range directional antenna from simple wifi. I currently live in a pretty hilly area so i thought hmm maybe I bring this and my laptop up a hill see what I can see so I did. Hooked the antenna in using my Alfa long range wifi dongle specifically the AWUS036ACH with the modded drivers so I could use it running a Kali vm and hot damn I was getting signals from all over the valley I took the pcap kismet generated and cross referenced it against the wiggle wifi app logging page and I was pulling signals from anywhere from a half mile to a mile away and some weaker signals from even further I think ile do some more experimentation maybe time some icmp pings from send to receive so I can time them so yeah that.

    Tldr. Got long range directional wifi antenna really surprised at the range.

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    It really depends on the power and antenna on the other side (source).
    Being able to see an ssid =/= being able to reliably capture conversations.

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