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    Theres a phrase that gets generated by two values.


    Score: 28, Time: 4, Phrase: 1470f1ced642036f02686683e8c1f374

    Score: 14, Time: 8, Phrase: 54e74994e81d0903db5c544dec391f1f

    Score: 1, Time: 4, Phrase: 1ec8f996b291f1273f41da8377ead4bd

    Score: 25, Time: 4, Phrase: 0b05eddc375771a2f0290768d42ea4a1

    Score: 48, Time: 11, Phrase: 3b8b55e71765c209b0942b5f0dde0171

    Visible patterns:

    1. 32 characters in length
    2. Contains only lower case letters between a-f

    I need to fabricate the correct phrase from a set of score and time values, so i need to figure out how the phrase is generated.

    I feel like this is some kind of common algorithm so if you recognize this at all please let me know.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Can you give us more background on this? What generates the phrase? How does it get the values? What happens to the phrase after it’s generated?

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    Essentially: I need to find the algorithm responsible for giving the phrase from the two numbers

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    looks like a md5 hash. md5 hashes arent considered secure anymore because someone converted it back.

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