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    Hey guys so I’ve been working for my high school since I was an incoming freshmen on their tech team. Re-imaging computers, updating their firewall, doing repairs (all Lenovo and Dell laptops) and using azure recently so I have a great amount of hardware experience and a decent amount of network experience.

    This stuff really interests me. I just graduated with an English bachelors at 20 because I thought I was going to go to law school….. I don’t want to anymore.
    I’m 20 and want to enter the cyber security world. I know all the doctor messer stuff and could easily get my Network+ and A+ certifications.

    Bottom line: I’ve recently been turned on to a bootcamp -Fullstack academy cybersecurity. It’s expensive but I am in no debt and graduated college 2 years early. Is this worth it? I wanted to hear what people thought of bootcamps that have cyber security tracts. This is a 6 month course that’s connected to companies that hire Soc analysts. I don’t have anyone in my family who knows about computers and generally just want to know if this is something to do. It seems much more practical than another degree.

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    Do you have a link to the bootcamp in question? Sounds like programming would be involved, quite a lot of coding actually. The cybersecurity aspect of it may not be as significant as you would want.

    But then again, without a link to the curriculum I’d be hard pressed to offer any more input. The Network+ and A+ certs are worthwhile on their own. There is also a Security+ too.

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