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    I have base model hearing aids… But I have a strong suspicion that the provider uses all the same hardware and just software locks based on serials…

    Where would I start to get more info on this?

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    Thats a tough one. It would likely involve lots of reverse engineering and just in general be really hard. I dont even know how youd begin to even get a serial connection or something

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    Okay interesting one, you should read yourself some books/sources about reverse engineering and hardware reverse engineering, for example there are some neat AirTag hack videos out there and how they did it that you get an idea what you will need to do.
    As someone with experience, please do not play around with the device you are currently using, get used ones, buy samples and start with them.

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    I’d imagine if you’re just after the hardware you might be able to open up the casing and see what’s physically there and if there’s any print on the microcontroller

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    Could try [bus pirate](https://www.sparkfun.com/products/12942)

    Not sure how you would interface with the bus between the two products.

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