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    I hope my post does not get flagged as I am just trying to understand the payload.

    I have a question on a Time SQL payload I came across while working.

    AND 2947=LIKE(‘ABCDEFG’,UPPER (HEX(RANDOMBLOB(800000000/2))))—-

    I need help understanding what the payload is doing. Hope someone can explain.

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    Seems to be just a complex calculation to see if there is a vulnerability, if the request needs longe than usual the database calculated your statement.

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    that’s a 400MB random blob, I can few use cases:

    * blind time based attack, just do something that is expected to take long time
    * fingerprint the database, isn’t randomblob specific to sqlite?
    * resource exhaustion: CPU, RAM or maybe even storage
    * entropy exhaustion: low entropy can either result in denial of service or in bad random numbers (affecting cryptography performed on the same system). But randomblob is pseudo-random, I’m not sure how much system entropy it consumes.

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