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    I don’t understand, where do you just go and get an email with <randomstring>@intel.com?

    Most phishing e-mails I get are really obvious but lately been getting from ea and intel as domains in my main inbox and I can’t understand how (the why is probably the twitch leak tbh).

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    Email addresses can be spoofed, so you can make it look like it came from any domain.

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    As a domain owner you can mitigate some of this spoofing by setting up a DMARC record on your domain. This will instruct the receiving email servers to for instance reject email or put it in spam if it fails DKIM or SPF.

    As a user receiving the emails you could check the mail headers to see if the email passed DKIM for instance, which would mean the sender is authorized to send email from that domain.

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    U can fake emails and send someone emails from any domain, its abusing the windows telnet stuff

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    Do you have the headers? What e-mailclient/hosting do you use?

    It is trivial to spoof an e-mail, but pretty much any spam filter stops that. They might have found a more creative way.

    Something clever I’ve seen a while back, was a LinkedIn invitation. The message contained a phishing link and the profile was the name of a familiar person, or something like IT support. So you received malicious content from a site with a good reputation and a mail with a nice layout.

    A poorly configured contact form is also a good one. They type a malicious message in an online contact form, enter your mail, and you’ll receive an auto response from a trusted site with the malicious message, confirming they received your message. Depending on the autoresponse, it might not be very obvious something like that happened.

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    I think protonmail provides custom @ name if youre paid user

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