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    Like the title says, is there any way to password protect a folder? I have personal documents and photos and certificates on my computer which I don’t want others to check out randomly. Is there a way to protect it using pw. I don’t want to hide or archive it or zip it or encrypt it. Any other possible ways? Any 3rd party software…?

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    You want to password protect a folder but you don’t want to archive or encrypt it? That’s a contradicting statement. If you want to protect your folders with low effort and security, just set it as a hidden folder lol.

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    Yo just like use encryption lmao

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    It gets much trickier if you really want to throw encryption out of your options, and you fall into a hole that you shouldn’t even be going down. Unless you really can’t for whatever reason, just use WinZip or the built-in encryptor and call it a day. Pretty much all third party softwares themselves use encryption in front of passwords.

    If you’d like another solution, toss the files into a private Google Drive account.

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    use linux

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    Is this a shared computer? Your parents or siblings spying on your collections? You are opposing encryption – you do know that e.g. EFS is transparent? This is rather a question for /r/win10, /r/techsupport or /r/cybersecurity101 – there‘s literally tens of ways to achieve the above – from using Win ootb functionality to mounted encrypted volumes using Veracrypt and the likes.

    Searching for “password protect folder win” yields tons of results – what have you tried so far?

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