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    I am fucking mad at him I will post his location here when I find it

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    You sound like a loser.

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    You’ll get banned from Reddit, they’re very sensitive about doxing, even though they seem to not give a shit about literally anything else (hence allowing cunts like the turtle take over and swing his lonely dick around).

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    Roblox gamer

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    Yet it is stupid and suggest you don’t do it (especially since this is overkill and illegal), I can see why you wish to do so and could see why he deserves a bit of payback (again, I believe this is overkill though.

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    Pretty sure this is a crime

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    Why are you mad at him? Like it’s a little bit weird to get so worked up about a Reddit user… did he do anything to you especially? Anything not related to Reddit? If not just don’t… you are mixing Reddit stuff with real life consequences.

    Doxing is per se not illegal if the published information is generally accessible and obtained through „legal“ methods. That being said, doxing can conflict with stalking, harassment, and threats, depending on the laws of your country.

    In my opinion it’s just not worth it. And although this sub is about hacking… black hat practices are usually considered unethical. And as others said a ban on Reddit is going to be inevitable as doxing violates the TOS.

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