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    Okay so this one guy has been really homophobic to my friend over discord and kinda predatory. We came up with the idea to send him a virus (nothing serious or illegal just to spook him) over discord. Any idea how I might go about doing this? I’ve been messing around with grabify links but when you put a link into discord it will give a little preview of the site the link leads to.

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    Everytime you put any kind of software on a computer that is not yours, without the permission of the owner, it is most likely illegal. Block him, report him and that’s it.

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    What the fuck is wrong with you? just block him lol

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    %100 illegal don’t do it you have no right to decide how people think

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    Yeah, you might want to reference the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. Infecting someone’s computer with Malware can get you 1-10 years in the federal pen. Report them, block them and move on with life.


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    Just Rick Roll him

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