Home Forums I’m getting notifications saying that my emails are being logged into and passwords are being changed but when I go to look at devices it’s not showing any other devices?

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    How are they doing this? Why can’t I see the devices accessing my emails?

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    Check the senders address and see if it matches where it’s coming from. Also if you hover your mouse over the “password reset” link it will show you the website it will take you to. I’d be willing to bet that the URLs that would show up are nothing like the website they’re claiming to take you too. Checking your accounts before clicking any links in the emails is a very good thing and a smart move.

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    They could be fake emails… make sure you enable 2fa if you can… also start using a password manager like bitwarden (free) and use complicated passwords… then you’ll only need to know one good password for bitwarden

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    These sound like phishing mails trying to get you use a link provided by them.

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    Uhm, webmail? IMAP?

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