Home Forums Is there any way a 3rd party could see my screen while on VPN?

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    My main concern is possibility of having some malware that could possibly have seen my screen. I have a seed phrase that was shown by Terra wallet. Probably dumb question, IDK what the possibilities are these days. I’ll have a bit of dough in that wallet so want to try to rule this out as possible…

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    yeah? why would a VPN do anything against that? If someone ‘sees’ your screen then they can do so regardless of connection. VPN won’t undo any damage or connections one might already have, it just hides your ‘activities’.

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    Ok first of all of this bit of dough is an actual substantial amount of crypto you need to put it into cold storage. Set up the wallet and everything offline so it doesn’t sync with the network etc. Or get a hardware wallet. Look up everything online and make sure you 2fa everything that can have 2fa.

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