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    I have completed a basic ethical hacking courses with has taught me all basic stuff about kali Linux and other tools. Not i am confused whether i should learn C language so that in future I could learn assembly language and then code my own penetration tools. Or should I take one more ethical hacking course which is specifically about web applications.

    I want to go into IoT hacking and bug bounties.

    Kindly suggest

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    It really depends on what you want to learn first. If you want to go low level, learn C if you want to stay at a higher level, stick with web.

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    Depends on which side you want more. If you want to work in IoT, definitely learn C. That will be useful for lots of low level stuff that you’d do (basically mandatory for binary exploitation and reverse engineering). Also helpful for learning assembly, although you’ll never (at least that I’ve seen) code some tool in raw assembly for hacking.

    If you want to stay on the web side, congrats! You have so many more resources available than us low level guys. Bug bounties in general are almost all web-based. Basic HTML is necessary, and JavaScript is also almost mandatory for XSS. SQL too for SQLi.

    If you want to earn money from bug bounties, it’ll have to come from the more web hacking centered stuff. I prefer the binary exploitation side, but the final decision is yours

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