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    I’m not a hacker and have little personal interest in the subject outside of my own system. About this time last year I started experiencing crazy stuff with my passwords and have since moved to a better system. Well while this was happening I get a notice from google showing a list of login locations. Most of the list contained ip and browser info as well as general location I believe. Well there were also log-ins that had no info absolutely none. Nothing other than I time stamp if I remember correctly. Well, I googled some of the ip’s and locations that seemed odd. Everything was normal except for an IP in a block owned by T-Mobile. That one returned a few threads which appeared to be from several people over the course of 5+years. Most of them saying a hacker had been making their life miserable and they would like to…..yada yada yada. This was the ip……etc. Other posts were from people swearing it was their phone ip and they would never do such a thing. Obviously dynamic. So this hacker really didn’t do anyhing other than make my security game stronger. Not the case for these posters.
    Anyway’s things were cool for awhile and I pretty much convinced myself I may have caused my own problems. Fast forward to now. I have literally have spent 150 hours trying to install Rasa and Rasa x. I’ve been kinda studying computer science and am interested in NLP. Things are funky every single tutorial I have attempted has been fucked due to small things. Last night the os on the virtual server would not connect to repositories. I pulled out another system on the same network and like butter install Ubuntu and update everything. So tonight I’m on my backup one from yesterday and I’m trying to install poetry in pycharm. Well python versions and poetry are stored in the app data folder and I could not access it. I access this folder all the time usually. Figured out pretty quick it had been set to hidden and read only. That’s new to me. Anyway’s tonight I get on and do a bunch of random stuff social media and shit. Everything is working fine. Get done with that. Open pycharm and go to git hub. On que, no internet access. Also I’ve got a network on one machine called )$447++:$#’so!!!! or some shit like that. How do I know if it’s a hacker? This bs is really slowing me down and it’s always something pretty basic. One night alll my path variables disappeared on one computer………any ideas. Thanks in advance.

    Ohh and last year this possible hacker was able to quickly do stuff. Like change the keyboard layout on my phone. I remember thinking it had to be a machine or multiple people. Also will ad that my threat vector is heightened. I’m outspoken, a slight political activist and have the ability to verbally hand people their asses in that arena. I was involved in stopping a development of open spaces in my town and the opposition spent nearly 500k in petition busters and social media monkey to try and spin through. I’m not a tree hugger. Just thought I’d add that.

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