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    So me, being a homeless desperate sweaty bastard, decided to try something I saw on TV.

    I walked into a 4 star hotel from the back door, dressed like I was headed to the gym, went to the front desk and attempted to get service, claiming I had forgotten my key.

    When they asked for my ID, I was like “i mean come on man, Who takes their id to the gym?”

    I was shocked to find that this worked. I managed to get a shower, a snack from the fridge, and the fuck outta there before getting noticed.

    I knew social engineering could be a useful tool, but damn.. if I had not seen leverage, I would not have tried it.

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    Confidence is the #1 rule with social engineering. If you don’t believe it then you can’t expect anyone else to.

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    This is some straight up excellent /r/ActLikeYouBelong material and social engineering.

    Well done!

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    I’m sorry you even have to think about having to do this for your basic needs. Glad it worked!

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    I worked in many different hotels and I am really surprised this worked it will not work in every hotel

    If I don’t check you in and then I’m need to see some ID before I give you a key to anything LOL somebody’s not doing their job LOL we’ll done tho

    I see so many booty call couples go in and use a room just for an hour sometimes the beds just a little wrinkled but not even undone I’m sure there’s something clever you could think up to get into a room that you know somebody only used for an hour if you were watching in the parking lot one day to catch a couple like that and then go in on another persons shift (Other than the person who check them in) and make up a story how it’s your room and you need the key but have no ID ..If it’s a big property and those people aren’t regulars that would get you a free room til check out

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    Fucking master class. Well done. 👏👏👏

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    Nice captain crunch. And to think how sad it is that all you wanted was a necessity that we all take for granted. How much that shower cost anybody? Cents. Why cant we help one another out

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    for some reason I am not impressed. Just remeber when you do stuff like this and you are caught. 1 At best you are going to be toss out. 2 At middle arrested. 3 at worst shot.

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    You can have my house bro

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    How do you afford a phone?

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    You are proud enough to brag about it.

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    I’m definitely trying this out

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    They haven’t asked you for a room number or your name to check your story?

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    It’s called we do a little trolling

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    Where did you take shower? Did you mention a room number?
    How did you not freak out with the possibility of these questions

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    Age of the geek

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    Calling BS

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    You seem like a smart guy, how did you end up homeless?

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    this is not a smart move, I bet you can get criminal charges for doing this if you’re unlucky, and all you get out of it is like $10 of value.

    it’s a terrible risk/reward.

    making these types of choices is how someone ends up homeless in the first place.

    stop taking such life destroying risks for such little reward. good luck.

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