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    This isn’t really a hacking question but a security question, and sorry of this is a stupid question but I want to be more of the grid so, would discord or snap chat be better for secure and private communication? I just want to know what the safest way to talk to my friends online is, I wouldn’t use what’s app or facebook because they would mine my data.

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    Well, Signal is in general a well known secure platform, even promoted by people like Troy hunt.

    Well, since neither discord or Snapchat are open source, you do not know what data they are storing. You have to remember, that just because messages don’t appear anymore in a Snapchat conversation, doesn’t mean they are actually gone.

    You have to make clear what you want to achieve:

    Security means being protected against malicious parties (hackers/malware for example). One step to enfore security more is to use a Passwordmanager like KeePass. These help you to generate more secure passwords without the need to remember them. You just need to remember 1 password and then are able to store all of the other in the KeePass (offline) database. In general i would advise you to generate longer passwords then “complex” ones (since complexicity for computers and humans is different.). Another thing is to actively do Anti virus checks, clean cookies, and stop using websites that do not use SSL (no https).

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    You’re on Reddit. You’ve already lost. might as well eat your sim card and give the battery to a dead squirrel

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    Safe against what? What level of inconvenience can you accept and how much security do you want? Generally signal is FOSS and e2e encrypted and easy to use, so it’s a reasonable starting point. Anything else depends on what you want.

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    Carrier pigeon

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    Let me introduce you to The Pegasus research of The Guardian and you can make up your own mind on what constitutes ‘secure messaging’

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