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    So I am working on a project where I would like to create a mitm situation with a Yeelight (a smartbulb).

    Long story short, when the Yeelight gets resetted, it opens a network for the official app to connect to it and then connect the Yeelight to a LAN. Now I connect my PC to the Yeelight’s hotspot and I am able to ARP Poision the bulb so I can read the traffic going from the bulb to the phone. Unfortunately on this network Im not able to either ping, let alone ARP Poison the phone to read the traffic going to the bulb (the AP). I would like to read the packets to see how are the packets generated when the phone connects the Yeelight to the LAN. How can i go ahead with this, I am pretty stuck..

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    What encryption does the YeeLight hotspot use?

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    You’ve got the network key to get onto the bulb right?

    Sniff the traffic from the point of it going to AP mode until the phone finishes with it, with wireshark. It’ll decrypt the entire traffic.

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