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    Is hacking someone’s WhatsApp possible?

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    I can’t see how anything good can come from breaking into someone’s social media presence. There is no white-hat scenario here. It’s not meant to advance technology, it simply is abuse of power that you don’t even have for the sole purpose of destructive social behaviour.

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    People these days are completely stupid, they just want to learn hacking to break into the system of their bf/gf. They just want to understand how to hack into their system and boom they are done with it. Stupidity at it’s peak. For them hacking is all about hacking someone’s fb/insta/whatsapp.
    Here, them refers to u🤦

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    He should do it! He has to! That way he gets csught and one less person to ask for fb/insta/linkedin/whatsapp/viber/lobstertube/inhumanity/heavy-r hack…. And yes the post went dark real quick…. welcome to the internet…

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