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Published on July 5th, 2020 📆 | 1885 Views ⚑


A Total Scam – Total AV FREE Antivirus Test & Review 2019 – Antivirus Security Review

A review of Total AV Free Antivirus. A test of Total AV Free Antivirus. Total AV Free Antivirus 2019.

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0 Responses to A Total Scam – Total AV FREE Antivirus Test & Review 2019 – Antivirus Security Review

  1. J Jackson says:

    OMG I just downloaded this crap. Should've used the adage "if it's looks/sounds to good to be true…it, probably is". Will be deleting right after I post this comment. Thank you soooo much for the heads up.

  2. Blue cheese says:

    So i bought the premium and i do not want it anymore. I wanted to remove my card details but there is no option and i tried emailing doesnt work. No one replied. How can i go about removing the card details?

  3. Nila says:

    Oh crap I downloaded this already!! What do i do now??

  4. I tried deleting it for the same reasons but it keeps popping up. Any ideas how to get it off my mac>

  5. Tictacfan82 says:

    People have got hacked using this it’s so fake

  6. Chris Stroh says:

    Watch out! Total AV swooping in Android Scam. BUSTED! Weak GUI true sign of garbage!

  7. Jan Shields says:

    TotalAV is a complete scam!!! They are trying to take money out of my bank account! Check the BBB! Also, thank goodness my bank knew that they are scammers!! DO NOT LET THEM HAVE YOUR INTERNET INFORMATION OR ANY BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION!!

  8. Thank you heaps..was just about to download 😊

  9. do you recomend any free antivirus?

  10. i installed the free version and it had access to my onedrive, it downloaded my personal files from cloud!!!

  11. Doctor Mario says:

    malwarebytes did a scan and found 100 treats and all of them were totalav

  12. I should have checked for more recommendations , and /or watched this video, as I know I have a Trojan that Windows Defender found, But Total AV couldn;t find it in 2 full scans , as the Trojan continues to implore me that my Macafee & Norton have expired (which is BULL, because I never installed them). I fell for a review & spent the 20.00$ , and all it will do is block Malware bytes , which I downloaded behind it. Wasted my money , & guess whats getting Un-installed (not Malware bytes).

  13. fares ayham says:

    scam is the least this is a worm , trojan virus ,PUP, and most importantly useless spyware

  14. Vivien X says:

    Brilliant. Thank you!

  15. Kt3r0.2 says:

    How do I delete it plssss tell me i sub to u

  16. Lju #26 says:

    Ran into the same problem but i found the ultimate free solution. AVG antivirus is a great and free. No ads either, as for browser personally I recommend opera gx browser. Its packed with a lot of features an they are free. Like an in built ad and tracker blocker, fast vpn for 4 countries. An many other features, it also looks great

  17. Good Job! First Honest video on "free antivirus" Programs I'll be back

  18. tried their free antivirus program last year they have just withdrawn $99 frokmm my bank account without my authorisation

  19. Karen Boyle says:

    I just took this protection on my computer yesterday & paid $29.99 for this service only to find out I keep getting pop-up for McAfee Protection which I don't have anymore! Do I cancel this & ask for another protection service and get my money back as you said this is not anti-virus protection but a clean up service ?

  20. TTCL Alien says:

    I deleted the antivirus and i still get popups lmao it may be a virus

  21. deniz103 says:

    Dont install TotalAv they are scamer this whole site is a scam they need to be shut down asap i subscribed for 2.99 they took almost 50 from me scam

  22. Thank you, much needed advice.

  23. this here dummy thanks you for the warning . thanks man .

  24. Héctor xD says:

    TotalAV is garbage

  25. Paul Cooke says:

    I agree, all they do is keep asking for money and up sell you – that is a scam. This is certainly not free – Total AV cannot be trusted. I paid twice and still cannot use it as I cannot login. Like many people, I have contacted Total AV numerous times without success. What a scam !!

  26. Hexmoures says:

    good vid, appreciate the talk..

  27. maybe malwarebytes only wants their own antivirus on your computer

  28. Total av is a complete adware it kept on spreading fake notifications on my desktop

  29. Wow I was about to download Total AV free and than I saw this video in google search, and was like scam. Gotta see this, wow you proved it is a scam.

  30. Lol antivirussoftwareguide gave it 5 stars and Rank 1 on list of free antyviruses when MalwareBytes is way better. Later it showes huge poster offering us to buy TotalAV. Suspicious.

  31. Just because software isn't free, doesn't mean it's a "scam". How am I the only that sees this? A "scam" would mean the software itself is creating malware on your computer and/or it doesn't do what it's intended to, which is, to scan your computer for malware. And it does this. Literally every website boasts features that are not free upon initial purchase.

  32. Yeah it's the same with Avast. But, i can assure you that the paid version is actually pretty good, but I only have it because it works across multiple platforms

  33. ThyGreek says:

    You don't need an antivirus, your firewall is already protecting you, unless you do something stupid like watching adult content or signing up for competitions and gift bs.

  34. Thanks, I just wanted verification for what I expected. SOS bait and switch. I'm dumping that which I've already loaded.

  35. Thanks. I deleted the download right after watching this.

  36. TheraP2014 says:

    I'm so appreciative of this video because I was inches away from dl. Can someone recommend another antivirus please? Thank you.

  37. yes350yes says:

    Thanks a million for your info, saves a lot of people from this false ad.

  38. Thanks heaps for you advise 🙂

  39. Tekla Hiwot says:

    True, they ripped me off for $99.00

  40. Moh'd Wolf says:

    free download : yes
    free antivirus : umm i dont think so

  41. NOTE: One of the samples turned out to be a duplicate, so it's out of 92.
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