Featured California Introduces the First Multi-Year Cybersecurity Road Map

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California Introduces the First Multi-Year Cybersecurity Road Map

California now has its first multi-year cybersecurity road map. It was released by Governor Gavin Newsom on October 2nd, 2021. The road map is based on some of the frameworks and practices in the cybersecurity industry. Cal-Secure will help deal with some crucial shortcomings in the state’s current cybersecurity and information programs. It will also allow the state to better deal with any current or future threats to its system. Cal-Secure lays out a way for the state’s organizations to improve their cyber security programs and ensure that resources are used to deal with the most critical problems in the cybersecurity system and keep the state’s services safe.

Governor Newsom stated, “Hackers steal our time, money, and peace of mind. Protecting our data is among the most important things we can do to prevent disruption to our daily lives and our economy.” and that “We have to do more to safeguard the state’s critical infrastructure, intellectual property, and our status as one of the world’s leading economies.”

This plan has specific steps that can be taken to obtain the state’s goal of having a world-class cybersecurity workforce and effective cybersecurity defenses that will protect the state’s technology and infrastructure. It also has criteria that can be measured to ensure the goals are being achieved.

This cybersecurity road map has three important categories: process, technology, and people. Each section addresses the concerns for that area. One of the priorities in the plan is to develop a workforce that will keep the data and systems used to provide services for the public safe. The plan also includes oversight of the system as well as investment in services and technology that will improve cybersecurity at state entities.

Cal-Secure is intended to take the key objectives from the California Homeland Security Strategy and build on these. It is intended to upgrade cyber defenses across the state of California regardless of the current state of the cyber defenses of the government entity or agency.

Newsom’s administration has recently invested 260 million in the Department of Technology as well as other state entities to help the state to prevent and respond to any cyberattacks. California’s budget also includes funds to improve the state’s overall security, analyze information obtained on cyber threats, improve statewide information security initiatives, and mitigate possible threats.

The California Cybersecurity Integration Center worked with partners to create Cal-Secure. These partners were: the California Highway Patrol, the state government security community, the California Department of Technology, the California Military Department, and the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

This new cybersecurity initiative will be a great step toward preventing identity theft from state systems. However, remember that it is still important to practice caution and to keep an eye out for any signs that your information may have been stolen. One of the best ways to check if anyone has been misusing your identity is with a self-background check. This can help you see if your information has been misused by others and take steps to correct it.

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