Featured Clients Aren't Asking Solos, Small Law Firms About Their Cybersecurity. That's a Problem

Published on November 17th, 2021 📆 | 1732 Views ⚑


Clients Aren’t Asking Solos, Small Law Firms About Their Cybersecurity. That’s a Problem

Over the years, midsize and large firms have invested in cybersecurity at the behest of their clients. But such demands aren’t always being aimed at solo practitioners or small law firms due to their clients and cases typically not setting cybersecurity requirements. Still, even with scant cybersecurity awareness among their clientele, high-profile attacks and intensifying insurance audits could soon make cybersecurity a top priority for small firms.

To be sure, U.S. lawyers have an ethical duty to protect client data. But while that obligation is widespread, clients play a critical role in keeping pressure on lawyers to adopt and maintain cybersecurity measures, noted law firm marketing consultant and chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s solo and small law firm section Jennifer Ellis.

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