Featured Collaboration, connectivity key focus of office technology post WFH

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Collaboration, connectivity key focus of office technology post WFH

Chief information officers (94%), traditionally in-office workers (93%) and IT decision makers (93%) believe that work-from-home (WFH) habits have changed the technology expectations for an in-office experience, a Future of Technology Narrative India report by Cisco says.

High quality collaboration experience, seamless connectivity, fast broadband internet and secure application connections are among the top expectations for in-office work now.

Over 80% of respondents stated that the ability to work offsite instead of coming into the office every day directly affects their decision to stick to a job and a similar share of respondents do not want to be in office through the entire week. The top three ways respondents think their company’s culture and management style will adjust for a hybrid workforce in immediate future (next 6-12 months) are:

1. Providing flexibility on working offsite vs. in the office (51%).

2. Encouraging employee wellness (50%).

3. Managing meeting schedules and workload to prevent burnout (49%).


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