Featured District 50's curfew on district-provided technology begins Friday evening | News

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District 50’s curfew on district-provided technology begins Friday evening | News

Students in Greenwood County School District 50 have a new curfew on their school-provided laptops.

Beginning this past Friday, internet service will be turned off from 12:01 a.m. to 4:59 a.m. each day on students’ laptops.

The district said in a social media post that allowing students to have access 24 hours a day created concern over inappropriate use of devices late at night by students and others in their households. Johnathan Graves, director of communication, clarified that inappropriate usage was activity on Chromebooks that wasn’t school related.

The 24-hour a day internet access also created concerns over lack of sleep impeding engagement and learning during the school day and time management concerns, the post says.

“We recently learned that we have the capability to create a Chromebook curfew for our middle and high school students,” Superintendent Steve Glenn said in a statement from the district. “This decision is being made in the best interests of all of our students. This will positively impact the mental health of our students and hopefully create healthy lifestyle habits for our students that they can use in the future.”

The district initially announced a curfew that differed for middle and high school students. Originally, the middle school curfew would have started at 10:01 p.m. The district heard concerns and after research and discussion, found there would be middle schoolers who would be affected by the earlier cut off, according to Graves. The middle school time was then adjusted to match the time for high schoolers.

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