Featured Convoy CEO Dan Lewis addresses the role of technology in mitigating supply chain disruptions at the FreightWaves F3 Virtual Experience

Published on November 11th, 2021 📆 | 8600 Views ⚑


F3 chat: Technology helps Convoy address supply chain challenges

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How technology can alleviate supply chain disruptions

DETAILS: Less-than-perfect supply chain conditions have spurred innovation in an industry that desperately needs it. Dan Lewis, co-founder and CEO of trucking software company Convoy, sat down with FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller to get the lay of the landscape of supply chain technology and investments.

SPEAKER: Lewis is the co-founder and CEO of Convoy.

BIO: Lewis co-founded Convoy in 2015 with Grant Goodale. Before Convoy, he served in product and data roles at Microsoft and Google and was general manager of new shopping experiences at Amazon.


“[Companies’] own ability to plan and schedule and predict what’s going to happen is worse because of how volatile their customers are and how volatile their industry is, and their supplies are also less able to handle that volatility.”

“There’s a lot of innovation that’s going to be created. There’s innovation spurred in these moments when people create new ideas, they create new business models, they create new procurement models. They might apply technology to something where it wasn’t being applied before, or they’ll come at it from a different angle. And many of those ideas are not going to stick when thing quiet down, if that happens, but many of them will.”

“I believe we can drive incredible benefits for our customers and incredible benefits for the environment, and we can help truck drivers as well. We can actually do things that help them have a more sustainable job and industry, from how we do payments to how we give them coverage and take care of them when they’re on the road.”

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