Videos Facebook Data Breach Affects 50 Million: What You Need To Know | TODAY

Published on March 28th, 2019 📆 | 2656 Views ⚑


Facebook Data Breach Affects 50 Million: What You Need To Know | TODAY

Facebook faces another cyberattack, this one affecting some 50 million users. The data breach comes as the tech giant struggles to regain user confidence, after other security issues earlier this year. NBC’s national correspondent Miguel Almaguer reports on what to do if you think you’ve been affected.
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Facebook Data Breach Affects 50 Million: What You Need To Know | TODAY


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0 Responses to Facebook Data Breach Affects 50 Million: What You Need To Know | TODAY

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  2. Come on, people! Wake up! This is the way it is on the Internet! The only way is to stop using it completely! Nobody is free from it! Your bank, your employer, your friends, the governments, no one is untouched by it! I’m not worrying about it. To do so is like worrying about the world turning!

  3. lol mark looks like a robot, wtf is wrong with his dead eyes??

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  5. Rose Bud says:

    The one blonde with the hoop earrings is an actress on ABC.

  6. double authentication is a helpful way to keep your own account secure more

  7. tova Osman says:

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  8. CryptoRich says:

    I have deleted Facebook. Blockchain will bring back privacy en ownership of data. I made a video about Phantasma Chain. Blockchain for next generation content distribution: @JVFA

  9. Will Simon says:

    Guy mentioned firewalls….just shows how ignorant average Americans are to data theft…mining…. exploiting…and security. Firewall is a fun word, but it wouldn't have stopped this.

  10. 84 Tubbs says:

    You can't trust Facebook's engineering team.

  11. Stinky Pete says:

    I always hear of data breaches in Yahoo and facebook but I have a question. Do the companies encrypt their data? And if so than how do these criminals still get away with millions of accounts. It makes no sense. I hope you can help me by answering my question

  12. No Technology platform can never be 100% safe .

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