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A very long way in helping runescape players

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    Honestly, Jagex never should have polled how frequently we need updates. Runescape players feel entitled to things and bring it up. One update per month could be OK, considering the range. Then the 3 weeks could be smaller upgrades like QoL and fixes. It would also help to have an update theme each month that RunePass could follow. Again, fantastic post! You’ve made a great deal of RS gold good points. I hope Mod Warden takes it all seriously and sees that. There are plenty of people in this thread that are overly fussy about”NO MTX” to realize it’s too late for that struggle. Continuing to fight that battle is moot, but offering constructive ideas is where our attention has to be focused if we need a chance and change at abolishing Treasure Hunter.

    You’re missing the point of gaming and notably RuneScape. It was never to skip as far as you possibly can get someplace trip getting there. You’re just missing out by minding the credit card of your mom. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing for 20 minutes or 20 hours every day. Its not about”endgame” and even though it were you are gonna get there and realise there’s nothing to do. Uhh? I bought all my levels and suck at runescape game shout for reaper to be eliminated so that I could skip something else.

    Without throwing money in the games play if and when you’ve got time. Since now matches are being designed to create people spend as much cash as possible ingame and we’re not getting exactly the same experience. Not only is it becoming harder and harder to discover non-singlerunescape player games that want for you to spend money on ingame things, but existing games including RuneScape have been screwed over.There is mechanic info popping up from the center. Your buffs/debuffs at the right next to the map, the buffs/debuffs beneath your target’s portrait at the top of your target left. Dozens of cooldowns and abilities. Overcomplexity’s pinnacle. I don’t think this is a problem exclusive to it, although all of this is to state I really don’t know a great deal about EoC RS. WoW backpedalled on battle and equipment sophistication with every growth, but this sort of MMORPG seems to breed mechanisms. And more flexibility with mouse controllers, as if they can get away with it just because they have many fundamental keys to work together. And the stat/armor/gear systems that are complex appear like a effect of a desire for material and replayability.

    Another thing which could go a very long way in helping runescape players is visuals when it comes to telegraphing strikes. FF14 is a game similar to RS in that it may be considered slow yet what they do over there is whenever a particular move is coming up, they utilize one of the”universal warnings” to signify to runescape players what is going to happen. The most typical one is a yellow circle on the floor, that cheap runescape 3 gold means in a few moments something is going to hit this area so that you ought to get out. Latency aside, it is pretty forgiving as long as you’re paying attention and respond fairly fast (such as within 1-1.5 seconds normally) that helps a lot when you’ve got a 2.5s GCD.

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