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MultiInjector – automatic parallel website Injector / Defacer

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    MultiInjector – Successor of Injector, the first configurable automatic website defacement software
    MultiInjector with its feature list:

    1. Receives a list of URLs as input
    2. Recognizes the parameterized URLs from the list
    3. Fuzzes all URL parameters to concatenate the desired payload once an injection is successful
    4. Automatic defacement – you decide on the defacement content, be it a hidden script, or just pure old “cyber graffiti” fun
    5. OS command execution – remote enabling of XP_CMDSHELL on SQL server, subsequently running any arbitrary operating system command lines entered by the user
    6. Configurable parallel connections exponentially speed up the attack process – one payload, multiple targets, simultaneous attacks
    7. Optional use of an HTTP proxy to mask the origin of the attacks


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