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Set up your own Lab for practicing SQL injection and XSS : Ethical Hacking

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    I hope you learned about the Sql injection and XSS from BTS. But you may curious to practice the SQLi and XSS attacks. we know that doing the attack on third-party website is crime. So how can we do the practice? Here is the solution for you friends. Why shouldn’t set up your own web application ? Yes, you can setup your own Pen Testing lab for practicing the XSS and SQLi vulnerabilities.

    When i surf in the internet, i come to know about the “Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA)”. It is one of web application that used for practicing your Ethical hacking/Pen Testing skills in legal way.

    Download this web Application from here:

    For Installing the this application, you will need XAMPP server.

    The installation procedure :

    Using this application , you can also practice:

    LFI /RFI (File Inclusion methods)
    Command Execution
    Upload Script
    Login Brute Force

    if you have any doubts, check their wiki page or reply here.

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