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can anyone help?

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    my pc is being hacked … file names changed … all personal info has been obtained … hacker can shift the mouse around when i’m working !!! He gains access to the view on my monitors. Everyone I speak to does not believe me but he’s shown me and he’s laughing as I stress over it. Can someone tell me how to stop his access to my pc and how to keep him locked out!! All help is much appreciated.

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    It sounds like you’ve been infected with a RAT. Most likely DarkComet since it is the most common.

    To resolve this follow some of the following steps.

    Locate ANY files you’ve downloaded in the past month from unreliable sources, and what I mean by unreliable sources is anything that isn’t related to a well-known company. Example : World Of Warcraft by Blizzard.

    Look at the files you downloaded, if you are being targeted by a experienced hacker they will have hidden their RAT and you can’t actually view it since they’ve encrypted it well.

    In this case look at your processes and view every single process individually open the file location.

    Then scan these files against this website :

    This will outline any issues with the file in question; it will most likely come back with a “BACKDOOR” malicious code. if this is the case, remove the file immediately.

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    Dl maleware byte and run a scan. Also as lucifer saif disconnect from the internet. Lot of people use DarkComet as a trojan and the deb has made a tool called DarkComet Remover. Maybe you can download that and run it. If it’s DC it will be gone with that. Since the guy move your mouse etc he might be a skid using DarkComet. Btw that guy is probably just messing with you on livestream with other skids. But if you have sensitive password you should immediately change them on another computer.

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