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    So… There’s this annoying kid that was banned (His IP address was banned) from a chat room yet he consistently returns. Usually he uses a program similar to TOR (not necessarily sure which it is) assigning him an anonymous IP and every time he’s banned he has to get another one before he can spam again.

    Well, now he has a constant-IP changer… Making it relatively impossible to get rid of him. Is there anything that can be done?

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    If his ISP gives a new IP address every time he restarts his router, he might just be doing that. He could also be proxying through tor or a bunch of proxies. If you aren’t gonna require signing up then there’s not much you can do AFAIK. Maybe track his IPs, see if it’s from an ISP, and either ban the ISP or contact them. If he’s using tor you could block all tor exit nodes.

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