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online website brutforce tool?

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    I hope this is the right spot so,

    is there a tool that you can use to try to bruteforce a website say you have 10-20 usernames and a unknown password, so you want it to enter the username Z with X amount of times with a unknown password when it fails hop proxys goes onto next user name and then try the passwords again

    I would not even know what it would be called I know there is hashcat but that is more offline tool i’m looking for online, there a reddit /r/ for this kind of asking, thing too?

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    ever heard of something like that, i really doubt it would exist, if it did:

    the account it’s bruteforcing would get locked after 10 tries or whatever, if not then

    the IP would be known and blacklisted by a lot of sites,

    plus that would be really, really expensive to run.

    though i did hear about someone hacking a 3d studio’s render farm to crack passwords haha, that’s like cloud bruteforcing, very 2014

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