Featured History meets technology with an app that guides people through historic Madison

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History meets technology with an app that guides people through historic Madison

History meets technology in the City of Madison, as a local high school student helped release a new smartphone app to guide people through the historic city.

“You can walk around to each spot and it comes up with a summary that somebody has read and recorded,” says Finley Koswoski.

Koswoski is a fifteen year old sophomore at James Clemens High School, a proud girl scout, and as of this weekend, an app developer.

“I worked over 100 hours on this project,” explains Koswoski.

However, she didn’t do it alone.

“History has been my lifetime passion,” explains John Rankin.

Rankin is a historian at the Madison Station Historic Preservation Society. He’s been collecting local stories and historical facts for the past 40 years.

“I just got a treasure trove of information from the people that lived it. And I knew to write it down because I don’t want it to go with me when I expire,” says Rankin.

Now, he’s passing on his knowledge to the younger generations as they follow the guided walking tour to hear the stories behind more than 40 historical locations throughout downtown Madison.

“I don’t want history to die with me, I want it to be carried forward. That’s why working with Finley was such a wonder, I’ve got a high school kid that wants to know!” says Rankin.

Finley isn’t alone in her search for knowledge. It seems like the whole city now wants in, as friends and families embark on a walk through time learning about the history of their own home.

“It just still amazes me to think that this all came together the way it did,” says Finley.

The walking tour is a two mile loop with 42 stops along the way. It’s on an app called ‘PocketSights’ which is available in the app store.

Other organizations that helped contribute to the app include the Rotary Club of Madison, Madison Visionary Partners, and Girl Scouts of North Alabama.

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