Videos How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

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How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

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0 Responses to How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

  1. Nani TheWhat says:

    at least not China, Russia , or the arabs! scary thoughts!!!!!

  2. I'm sure there is an online scammer somewhere in Nigeria laughing as he breaks down their defenses trying to give away a few million dollars in free inheritance money

  3. kaleem ullah says:

    11:38 it's unfair the target is win XP

  4. Hugo says:

    Didn't even came to my mind if israel could actually've been the one interfering with the US elections

  5. Henry Turner says:

    i mean they have to, to hide the nukes

  6. Ramit says:

    Now I'm starting to understand why the USA sends so much money to Israel. It's all about the intel they provide us.

  7. seeker says:

    Israel is the biggest threat to US sovereignty.

  8. Lowkey swe says:

    Why u people making me use a VPN to watch this? Smh

  9. There is no such thing as cyber security unless it’s quantum

  10. The world is either doomed, no one is secure anymore.

  11. HAQx . org says:

    I don't know what they are complaining about.
    Defense is a market and spying is a part of defense.

  12. But can they hack and acoustic guitar?

  13. Large Pizza says:

    4:32 Your a professional with that belt ? Could wrap it around you 3 times

  14. Ruslan K says:

    I think Ukraine has more potential

  15. Israil and America is nothing but only an empty tin
    Bloody America drinking blood of innocent people for oil robbery and Greater Israel
    But You israil the Land mafia of Palestine Land Will be finished soon…

  16. israel isn't a country, i will never acknowledge those thieves as a country 😑
    ik no one cares about my opinion

  17. Hello Iranian shootdown of the sabotaged Ukraine airliner.

  18. LJ says:

    11:35 oh well it’s running Windows XP, that explains a lot lol

  19. Yesterday i was reading an article about the Iranian attack on Ukrainian plane. So in the article it was written that the Iranian system was under cyber attack. Connecting the dots

  20. Just made a tinfoil hat checkmate….

  21. Gentlemen can you all track down Mr. Trump? He is not in the Whitehouse I checked already. Na. I have not checked the john. It can wait. Ladies a million 🌹 for you.

  22. Rick Ant. says:

    The caption is a bit of an exaggeration at this time… but I get the point.

  23. Busy Bee says:

    I go to school with a bunch of Israelis and they are so full of themselves

  24. DesterN says:

    When you are a criminal and a thief you will be obssesed with your safety whilst the rest of the World are enjoying life.

  25. Think about all this next time you sheep log onto Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat ect or use those home gadgets like Alexa

  26. Why israel is on top of the world??bcz they work hard as a nation.wanna visit Israel but it's not possible bcz of non travelling policy between Pakistan and Israel…

  27. That is not true, China is.

  28. VICE News says:

    Israel, or "Startup Nation" as some call it, has become a world leader in cyber security. And the nation's military is fueling its supremacy.
    Watch Next: VICE News' America First Special –

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