Videos How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

Published on March 27th, 2019 📆 | 7885 Views ⚑


How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

U.S. intelligence agencies accuse Russia of hacking the 2016 presidential election, a Ben Ferguson travels to Tel Aviv to find out how Israel is on its way to becoming the world’s top cyber superpower.

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0 Responses to How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

  1. Anyone taking israel lightly should also read about stuxnet.

  2. Israel ???????? too expensive/international legitimacy hinder our wars; now let’s do it through cyber. No wonder God cursed them!

  3. "Necular"?! – Narrator needs elocution lessons….

  4. Umar Najeeb says:

    They are evil.
    They are just using technology for evil and selfish reasons

  5. nabiul nabil says:

    And it doesn't even matter how many people are being killed by their technology, because they're Muslims!

  6. Bruce V says:

    uh… no. Americans just didn't like Hillary Clinton.

  7. Ian Tyrrel says:

    Israel has shitty wifi, cold showers, crumbling buildings…

  8. Technolgy is a career as any other profession, you have the knowledge how it works, improve if that is the desire, but after to have all the content of this, what are we going to do wiht this?, To cause good thing or bad things?, it's like if you studies medicine, or to be surgeon, because you know how to cut, and help of fix a health problem, the doctors don't go out to be "butcher" or assassin, or if someone decide to be a priest or psychiatrist, all those confessions or problems that other people have, patients or people don't expect to be spread for these professions:, but i understand to place vigilants to know what ohter do with this knowledge, but i don't understand how others don't listen that inner voice that sometimes it's saying "this is not right" when it's about of thousands of lives that it will affect in short or long time. and I don't have any knowledge of this issue, but I can't imagine don't use anesthesia when the pain is inevitable in another human being.

  9. Look how they stripped the my black friend People's. MAGA!

  10. Cal Ripson says:

    It's almost as if Israel with all its super duper high IQ "cyber security" could pose as any third country and wreak havoc.

  11. f4rt says:

    Super nice people aye?

  12. Tek83 says:

    this video is a joke. 99,9% of all cars cant be steered remote and therefore you cant hack. no neo heroes to be found here, just a bunch of bullshitters.

  13. Explain how could ISIS reach the Internet lines and establish their own websites and send their materials , yet the Mossad can't hack them ! ????

  14. M Golfinho says:

    selling security: another form of blackmail. a mafia tribe masquerading as a religion.

  15. Karl says:

    We love Israel.

  16. The Israeli army is a very good sanctioned military force and a paramilitary officer.

  17. Cyber Tube says:

    No one Can stop hacker In action israel loser

  18. Zōlk says:

    Hopefully my car is a cart with 2 goats.

  19. I suggest you search the term DANCING ISRAELI'S It may shock you what facts come up that corespond with the cyber warfare they have been involved with for a long time and if you think this nation is a angel then also research what happened to the USS Liberty . So many LIES like the Russian collusion story forced on us we must now face the fact that MOST ALL of the big news outlets are nothing but propaganda mechanisms that serve the evil of this world. Millions have died from such lies like the weapons of mass destruction that entered the united states and the UN into attacking Iraq and the rest of the middle east . Who is behind such propaganda lies ? well all fingers point to Israeli intelligence and to see why i say that all you need to do is see who owns or backs most of the big news outlets and also connect this with the this video that says it all . Its not about some ones religion its about a hostel nation who commits harm to others be them christian,Muslim,Buddhism,,or yes even jewish . We did not go to war with Iraq because they where Muslim and so if the world needs to hold Israel accountable it would not be because of their faith it will be because of a threat and a very big one at that . They hide behind a victim shield to cover and stop any discussion into the crimes they commit and so the world is a hostage to this propaganda of cover

  20. Gene Simmons says:

    So the Fox is ruling over the henhouse – pathetic. Roadmap was laid out during July 29th to August 1st, 1897 in Basel, CH.

  21. Vice cover a video on dark web

  22. Sevil Natas says:

    So because he can mess your blinkers you claim he could ram you into the wall? And when you ask him how many cars in the world are susceptible to this type of attack, he responds almost all of them. Not even the first 2 minutes and it is clear that this isn't journalism but an infomercial for the israeli tech industry, utilizing fear mongering. Nice.

  23. Minion Man says:

    Israel is doing to cyberspace the same thing they did to money 2000 years ago.

  24. Chucky says:

    Hack > create vulnerabilities (through embedded backdoors) > offer solutions > become leader in cyber

  25. G-dbless the Israelites! The chosen ones! May the USA and Israel combine forces to remove all evil in this world!! Amen!!!

  26. Halpert Erik says:

    Russia enters the chat.

  27. Cory Booker says:

    Wow. The Left-Wing (Vice News in this case) is literally endorsing out-and-out anti-semitism…think of the optics here guys. You entitled this news piece “How Israel Rules the World…” #getWellSoon #embarassing

  28. (((((cyber supremacy)))))

  29. The Russian didn’t elect President trump. We did.

  30. Cyber terrorisme confirmed

  31. Sam Bks says:

    Long live and prosper, Israel!


  32. Common says:

    Trying writing anything bad about israel…the troll army approaches

  33. TCT says:

    Who else read this as "How Israel Rules The World" ?

  34. Globalization 7 race of Israel

  35. This says alot not only about Cyber security but Israel.

  36. Darth Vader says:

    IDF is afraid of a fair fight. They kill kids and women and disable people with sniper rifles from 1/2 kilometer away. Real brave people!

  37. VICE News says:

    Israel, or "Startup Nation" as some call it, has become a world leader in cyber security. And the nation's military is fueling its supremacy.
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