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NCIX’s data might have fallen into the wrong hands. Intel reverts back to 22nm for some chipsets and more!
NCIX Data Breach :
Intel 22nm :
Amazon new products :
New GoPro Hero 7 :
Blizzard Cracking down on third party :
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  1. Data breach = they sold your data. It's a scam
    Poor Linus

  2. Yash Rastogi says:

    Don't do the freeze frame too much it might become a meme some day…just warning you ahead of time ?

  3. Still Loving this channel, keep it up!

  4. Oh, Intel! Well it is good that AMD came back… maybe in 10 years I will be able to switch back to blue team.

  5. My Man Zach says:

    Scary stuff man. That's why I love your channel though. Even through crap like this you are still super optimistic!!! Keep up the sweet content.

  6. scruff says:

    I saw that article on NCIX the other. What I still do not understand is why the guy who did the investigating not call the RCMP

  7. Razamatraz says:

    BALLZ I bought stuff from NCIX. Too bad there's nothing left to sue…fuckers.

  8. freeze frame doen't work when your eyes blinking^^ Nytalix, maybe he's saving some of the news for the stream, it's hard to run a livestream sitting there talking to yourself… or maybe he's just tired or sick…

  9. The End says:

    Which Black Ops 4 Zombies map will you be playing first? Blood, Classified, IX, or Voyage?

  10. STJiMMyy says:

    Visor is not the only app blocked by Blizzard. Pursuit, an app that gives you data about your performance once the match is over was also affected, and thats where the polemic is. It doesnt affect ANY ongoing matches and was oficially approved and recommended by around 5 PRO Teams (including world cup and OW League teams), until one morning, it was considered cheating :/

  11. First place I heard about the NCIX story. Good job.

  12. ice bread says:

    Wooow who didn't expected that, their software is just straight up bullshit

  13. This is one of the few YouTube channels I watch all the time that I'm not subscribed to or have the "Bell" icon clicked! I already subscribe and get notifications from HardwareCanucks and they always remind me to check Boot Sequence! So that helps a lot! Great video! I don't have time to watch your livestream because I use those days typically as my YouTube video catch-up days!

  14. Cornyfisch says:

    If I understood you correctly, the NCIX data seller has had access to customer passwords?
    How can it be, that companies still do not know how to fucking hash and salt passwords in 2018? That is data security 101, and even was decades ago.

  15. NoBrandProdz says:

    Are you going to participate to LMG contest again?

  16. NCIX actually shipped worldwide.

  17. Yash Rastogi says:

    Hey snows LTT used ur video clip in their new rog rig reboot video, what's that video?

  18. Have you seen that asrock released teasing videos for Z390 mobos?

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