Videos 'I'm sorry', Mark Zuckerberg tells US Congress over Facebook data breach | ITV News

Published on April 2nd, 2019 📆 | 8115 Views ⚑


'I'm sorry', Mark Zuckerberg tells US Congress over Facebook data breach | ITV News

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg apologised for failing to protect user data following the Cambridge Analytica scandal that affected 8.7 million users.

He was questioned by 44 US senators over data mining, privacy and regulation.

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0 Responses to 'I'm sorry', Mark Zuckerberg tells US Congress over Facebook data breach | ITV News

  1. DonnyBear says:

    You cut off the part of what the lawyer said at the end which shut down Zuckerberg – bad journalism!!!

  2. Dave says:

    Anyone whos been in IT for a long time is going to laugh their heads off at his testimony. He apparently "thinks everyone should be in control of how their information is used"…. REALLY? I mean Really REALLY? Cause that's NEVER been his feelings about it before.

  3. andi lee says:

    First of, America is not a democracy . It is an, "Constitutional Republic". Read the U.S. Constitution, 1 of 3 Founding documents.
    2nd of, Zuckerberg was not sworn in . Imagine that.

  4. J R says:

    How severe did Congress assess their hacking and breaches to the public,that occurred in past?
    Technology, always changing.
    Admire,this young man,taking responsibility, not passing the buck.

  5. Lasno Haja says:

    State can do no wrong. The maintenance of plausible deniability to achieve desired effects. Make more money on it.

  6. S R DHAIN says:

    A note to whoever wrote the statement below the video at ITV, it's 87 million users, not 8.7.

    I watched / heard a lot of it, so thank you for sharing the highlights .

  7. Xavi Yen says:

    This is a psyop designed to censor the internet ????????????

  8. The Zucc is here to save us all! just look at his suit and tie, don't fucc wit the Zucc

  9. shares people 8.7m users data but simply cant share what hotel he stayed last night smh…

  10. le minerale says:

    humanity was dead over decades, why you bothered with this ?

  11. SG0288 says:

    He knew what was going on all along and kept pushing to see how far they could get with using people world wide. This ia a joke and will be like another 9/11 commission. Clear to walk away unpunished!! Congress entertainment coming to you live!

  12. Time to give tom a visit. The headlines that would make lol

  13. Daniel Ilea says:

    Take your Sory and go to the bank

  14. Joker77 says:

    Senator: "Well, how do you sustain a business model in which users don't pay for your service?"

    Mark Zuckerberg: "Senator, we run adds!"

    Senator: "I see."
    Pure gold!

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